Aberdeen v Rangers: Scottish Premiership season opener – live!

RED CARD! Considine

86 mins: The Aberdeen defender goes in with two feet, one very much over the top of the ball to absolutely clean out Arfield. Not a good challenge.


85 mins: Rangers are doing their best to kill time here and that is about all that is happening.

83 mins: Aribo drives to the edge of the area, chucking in a few stepovers and shoulder drops along the way before Ferguson dives in to stop him a split second before he can get a shot away.

81 mins: Arfield should certainly bring greater control in the middle of the park for Rangers, something they have lacked since the break.

I am not sure either goalkeeper has made a save in this half, which might be an indication of the quality.

79 mins: Hedges is the latest man to enter the fray with headband on, as is the style these days.

77 mins: Hagi sends a lovely reverse pass through the Aberdeen defence for Morelos to latch onto but he drags his shot wide via a deflection. That’s the Romanian’s last touch, as he is replaced by Arfield.

Rangers’ Alfredo Morelos shoots.

Rangers’ Alfredo Morelos shoots. Photograph: Andrew Milligan/Pool/Getty Images


75 mins: Edmondson earns a corner off Tavernier but then Aberdeen lump it into the box quickly towards Taylor who sends a soft header well wide.

McGinn is the next man to cause problems for the Rangers defence as he nicks the ball past Goldson, who trips hi on the left flank. McGinn’s free-kick, however, is cleared by the first man.

73 mins: Rangers are looking a touch more rigid in their formation now, having spent most of the game swapping positions freely.

71 mins: Kennedy and Bryson are off having done nothing for 70 minutes, with McGinn and Campbell coming on to hopefully offer something more productive.

69 mins: Nice work between Jack and Kamara earns the Finnish midfielder space in the box but his cross flashes across the box from out for a throw.

67 mins: Ooof! Morelos takes a lovely touch on the edge of the box before laying it back for the onrushing Hagi strike but his shot takes a nick off a defender and flashes wide for a corner.

65 mins: Edmondson is on for Aberdeen. The 19-year-old replaces poor Bruce Anderson who has had no service all day. Hopefully, the loanee will get a bit more to work with.

63 mins: Rangers could do with a second here. They haven’t threatened much in the second half, though.

61 mins: Balogun is back on his feet after smashing his head off the post. He seems a little dazed by the whole thing but the medics have given him a good checking over.

Someone has hired a forklift truck to ensure they get to see the match from one corner of the ground.

59 mins: Kennedy swings in a cross from the left and it ends with a scramble on the goal-line. Legs are everywhere as Taylor tries to bundle it home but McGregor gets his hands on it. In the end Balogun on the ground behind the net needing the smelling salts.

57 mins: Hayes whips in a cross from the left, only for it to bypass everyone and go out for a throw-in. Poor Anderson though he had a chance there.

55 mins: I say that and then Hagi immediately does something laughable. Morelos finds him with a fine pass, he loses possession but then gets a second crack at it, only to lean back and send a side-footed shot very high and very wide from about 25 yards.

53 mins: Hagi has already shown a couple of brilliant touches in the second half. If Gerrard can get the best out him consistently, then they certainly have a player on their hands who could potentially lead them to a title.

51 mins: Aberdeen send a long ball for Anderson to chase but Balogun reads the danger and gets across in time to intercept. Poor Anderson has had a miserable afternoon of chasing lost causes.

49 mins: Aberdeen swing in a free-kick from the right but that man Aribo is there to head it clear. The ball makes its way to Morelos who is bundled over by Bryson for his own amusement.

47 mins: Aribo and Ferguson have a bit of a tussle in the corner, which the Aberdeen man wins. Not much else happening.

Second half

Here we go again!

Aberdeen will be looking to press Rangers more after the break but that could leave gaps and the visitors certainly have the players to exploit them. Tricky.

It’s the FA Cup final later …


Rangers have been far the better team but haven’t really troubled Lewis apart from the goal. Aberdeen have troubled no one at all.

45 mins: Ojo is booked after catching Hagi on the top of the foot. The Aberdeen man certainly left his foot in there needless.

43 mins: Kent tries to dribble through the entire Aberdeen defence but he takes a heavy touch, allowing Hernandez to come in an clear the danger.

41 mins: Aberdeen have decided to go a bit more direct to unsettle the Rangers defence and give poor Anderson something to do. Sadly, the results of said tactic are underwhelming.

39 mins: Considine smacks the ball against Morelos and it goes behind. The officials inexplicably give Rangers a corner which comes to nothing after the striker scuffs a shot wide.

37 mins: Hagi gets the ball in the corner and performs have impressive flick to set up Barisic for the cross but the execution is poor. I am not looking forward to a replay of the flick.

35 mins: Balogun shows the other side to his game, as he drives all the way to the edge of the Aberdeen box with the ball at his feet. The Nigerian overruns it but, luckily, a kind Aberdeen defender trips him just outside the area to gift Rangers a dangerous free-kick. Tavernier, however, swings it high and wide.

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