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First of all, our Hearty Welcome to you, and Thank you for Visiting UK Day to Day.

UK Day to Day provides the latest and trending news from the United Kingdom and from the World. Find News on various topics such as Entertainment, Health, Sports, Business, Technology, Science, and more. UK Day to Day aggregates news articles from the major news publishers from all around the world by providing them a proper source link. We have dedicated teams working on the front end and the back end of the UK Day to Day.

  1. Content Aggregation Team.
  2. Editorial Team.
  3. Graphics Team.
  4. Maintenance Team.

Content Aggregation Team:

Our content aggregation team collects news from the major news portals of the United Kingdom and from all over the World via RSS feeds and then add it and the give the proper source and Canonical link to the corresponding portals. The working of this team is very similar to Google News.

Editorial Team:

Editorial Team checks out all the articles and makes sure that all the articles are given proper source links to the corresponding portals and news websites and the other important things of the articles. They are the ones who give the final OK.

Graphics Team:

Graphics Team is a very interesting team as it has the best creative persons. They take care of all the required Multimedia on UK Day to Day.

Maintenance Team:

Maintenance Team takes care of the site Front End, Server, and so on.

They are all working day and night so that we can get the best articles from various major News Portals via News Aggregation so that you can get the best content in a comfortable way. We are very happy that you are on our site. From all of us, once again, Thank you for visiting UK Day to Day.

If you wish to contact us, please contact us via our Contact us page.

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